MCL - 36-2007-5

Act 36 of 2007

Document Type Description
Section 208.1500 Section Taxpayer with certificated credit or unused carryforward.
Section 208.1501 Section Estimated return and payment.
Section 208.1503 Section Computation of tax for portion of year.
Section 208.1505 Section Annual or final return; date of filing; extension.
Section 208.1507 Section Return; filing; true and correct copy; amended return.
Section 208.1508 Section Overpayment of tax; filing claim for refund; limitation; assessment; appropriation.
Section 208.1509 Section Information return required by internal revenue code; filing required.
Section 208.1510 Section Issuance of certificate of completion, assignment certificate, or component completion certificate or certificate of completed rehabilitation, assignment certificate, or reassignment certificate; refundable credit; refundable voucher certificate; assignment or reassignment of tax credit.
Section 208.1511 Section Unitary business group; filing.
Section 208.1512 Section Disregarded entity; classification; filing amended return; treatment as person separate from owner.
Section 208.1513 Section Administration of tax; rules; forms; preparation and publication of statistics.
Section 208.1515 Section Distribution to school aid fund; deposit of balance to general fund; reduction; deposit after 2010-2011 fiscal year; "United States consumer price index" defined.
Section 208.1517 Section Implementation of act; appropriation; carrying forward unexpended funds.
Section 208.1519 Section Severability of provisions.
Section 208.1601 Section Repealed. 2023, Act 120, Imd. Eff. Sept. 13, 2023.