MCL - 36-2007-2A

Act 36 of 2007

Document Type Description
Section 208.1235 Section Insurance companies; tax payment; determination; direct premiums; exceptions; tax in lieu of privilege or franchise fees or taxes; nonapplicability of tax to MCL 500.4601 to 500.4673 and MCL 500.4701 to 500.4747.
Section 208.1237 Section Insurance company; tax credit; amounts; use of assessments from preceding tax year; payments to Michigan automobile insurance placement facility attributable to assigned claims plan.
Section 208.1239 Section Insurance company; tax credit equal to 65%.
Section 208.1241 Section Insurance company subject to worker's disability compensation act of 1969; tax credit; amount; refund in excess of tax liability.
Section 208.1243 Section Insurance company; tax; imposition; tax year as calendar year; filing annual return; calculation of estimated payment; disclosure of tax return.