MCL - Section 35.976

Act 8 of 1955

35.976 Application for payment by veteran or beneficiary; requirements, endorsement on evidence of service.

Sec. 6.

     Each veteran or his beneficiary entitled to payment shall make application to the adjutant general upon such form as may be prescribed by him: Provided, That if the veteran be incompetent or his beneficiary be incompetent or a minor, application shall be made by his guardian. Each application shall be accompanied by a certified copy of honorable discharge as defined in section 2, or by such evidence of honest and faithful service during the period of service as shall be prescribed by said adjutant general. Each application shall be subscribed and sworn to by the applicant before witnesses in such manner as shall be prescribed by the adjutant general: Provided, That the adjutant general shall provide by regulation for an endorsement on the evidence of service required in section 2 (d) that application for payment has been made.

History: 1955, Act 8, Imd. Eff. Mar. 7, 1955