MCL - 346-1966-2

Act 346 of 1966
Chapter 2

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Section 125.1421 Section Michigan state housing development authority; creation; composition; appointment, qualifications, and terms of members; vacancy; expenses; certificate of appointment or reappointment; designated resident members; powers vested in members; quorum; actions of authority; findings of fact; meetings; chairperson and vice-chairperson; officers, agents, and employees; delegation of powers and duties; relationship to department of consumer and industry services; “section 8” defined.
Section 125.1422 Section Powers of authority.
Section 125.1422a Section Rehabilitation of residential real or rental property; loans, grants, or deferred payment loans to persons and families of low and moderate income; loans to persons in areas of chronic economic stress and to persons located elsewhere in state; powers of authority; participation or cooperation with governing bodies, private organizations, or public organizations; plan; selection of neighborhoods.
Section 125.1422b Section Designation of authority as housing credit agency; purpose; amount of housing credit ceiling; qualification of applicant; allocation plan; distribution; setting aside allocable amounts; reapportionment of unallocated credit amounts; applications for low income housing tax credit; fees; “rural housing projects” defined.
Section 125.1422c Section Subsidiary nonprofit housing corporation.
Section 125.1422d Section Investments.
Section 125.1423 Section Housing development fund; creation; payments into fund.
Section 125.1424 Section Housing development fund; advances; grants; transfer of moneys.
Section 125.1424a Section Land acquisition and development fund; creation; payment of moneys into fund.
Section 125.1424b Section Land acquisition and development fund; use of moneys; acquisition and exchange of real property; improvements to real property; costs; conveyance of real property.
Section 125.1424c Section Transfer of moneys to housing development fund or rehabilitation fund.
Section 125.1424d Section Rehabilitation fund; creation; jurisdiction; payments.
Section 125.1424e Section Rehabilitation fund; use of moneys; allocations or pledges to holders of bonds.
Section 125.1424f Section Recapture tax fund; creation; establishment; payment; use.
Section 125.1424g Section Repealed. 1985, Act 183, Imd. Eff. Dec. 18, 1985.
Section 125.1425 Section Bonds and notes; issuance; purposes; issuing renewal notes, bonds to pay notes and refunding bonds; notes or bonds as general obligations and negotiable instruments; revised municipal finance act inapplicable; issuance subject to agency financing reporting act.
Section 125.1426 Section Bonds and notes; authorization; terms.
Section 125.1427 Section Notes or bonds; resolution authorizing issuance; contents.
Section 125.1428 Section Notes and bonds; validity and effect of pledge.
Section 125.1429 Section Notes and bonds; personal liability of members of authority.
Section 125.1430 Section Notes and bonds; purchase for cancellation; price.
Section 125.1431 Section Notes and bonds; liability of state.
Section 125.1432 Section Capital reserve fund; definitions; federal housing subsidy programs; recommendations; priority; program of loans for mobile homes; program of loans for consumer housing cooperatives; notice of public hearing or proposed rule change; rules; identification of housing production goals; report to governor and committees; confidentiality.
Section 125.1432a Section Issuance of bonds to finance single family homes; previous ownership interest; publicizing program; report to legislature; section inapplicable to refinancing single family homes.
Section 125.1432b Section Mortgage credit certificate program; authority designated as administrator; guidelines; qualifying for receipt of mortgage credit certificate; adaptation of property for use by disabled individuals; family income limits; applicability of internal revenue code; exception; retroactive effect of changes in subsections (3) and (4).
Section 125.1432c Section Repealed. 1988, Act 496, Eff. Mar. 30, 1989.
Section 125.1432d Section Legislative intent.
Section 125.1433 Section General reserve fund; creation; payments into fund; use of fund.
Section 125.1434 Section Notes and bonds; pledge and agreement of state.
Section 125.1435 Section Trustee; default; powers and duties.
Section 125.1436 Section Trustee; additional powers.
Section 125.1437 Section Venue.
Section 125.1438 Section Notes and bonds; notice; declaration, due and payable.
Section 125.1439 Section Money of authority; deposit; security for deposits; contracts with holders of notes or bonds; security for money held in trust; system of accounts; spending for operating purposes; periodic audits; copies.
Section 125.1440 Section Notes and bonds; legal investment.
Section 125.1441 Section Faith and credit bonds.
Section 125.1442 Section Property of authority; exempt from taxation.
Section 125.1443 Section Notes and bonds; exemption from taxation.
Section 125.1443a Section Authorization of covenant and consent.
Section 125.1444 Section Loans; purposes; conditions; amount; eligibility; sales and resales; long-term financing or refinancing; securing and repaying loans; interest rate; misrepresentation of income; loans for newly rehabilitated, newly constructed, or existing 1- to 4-unit housing units; definitions.
Section 125.1444a Section Rehabilitation loans, grants, or deferred payment loans; eligibility; secured or unsecured loans or grants; insurance; reserve; interest; terms and conditions; rules; persons and families of low and moderate income; maximum principal loan amounts; minimum age of structure.
Section 125.1444b Section Loans to mortgage lenders; authorized purchases and commitments; requirements and conditions; report.
Section 125.1444c Section Use of proceeds of notes or bonds; qualification as rehabilitation; establishment of higher income limits; eligibility for occupancy; application; issuance of 6-month commitment to loan funds; limitation on outstanding loan commitments; fees; direct or indirect loan; sale, refinancing, or resyndication; allowable distributions; report to authority; authority-aided mortgage; monitoring compliance; remedies; regulation; liability; priority consideration; unified volume cap not as impairment; student housing project.
Section 125.1444d Section Authorized loans; purpose; criteria.
Section 125.1444e Section Income eligibility standards applicable to tenant of housing project.
Section 125.1444f Section Loan for housing project in effectively treatable area; demonstration of community support; return on investment.
Section 125.1444g Section Enforcement of promises or commitments; action to be brought against authority.
Section 125.1445 Section Preference to displaced persons.
Section 125.1446 Section Discrimination.
Section 125.1447 Section Obtaining money, property, or service with intent to defraud or cheat; penalty; determination of total value; prior convictions; prohibited use.
Section 125.1448 Section Foreclosure procedures applicable to authority.
Section 125.1448a Section Jurisdiction to foreclose mortgages and land contracts held by authority.
Section 125.1448b Section Other civil actions.
Section 125.1448c Section Bringing amount due into court before judgment of sale; dismissal of complaint.
Section 125.1448d Section Sale of premises pursuant to circuit court order.
Section 125.1448e Section Bringing amount due into court after judgment of sale; stay of proceedings; subsequent default.
Section 125.1448f Section Public sale of land by county clerk, deputy county clerk, or other authorized person; hours; location; sale subject to MCL 600.6091.
Section 125.1448g Section Deed of sale; execution; operation; right, title, and interest vested in grantee; recordation; redemption of premises.
Section 125.1448h Section Sale proceeds; application to discharge of debt; surplus; interest.
Section 125.1448i Section Redemption of premises; effect on deed of sale; affidavit.
Section 125.1448j Section Adding property tax and insurance premium payments made after foreclosure to amount due in judgment; determination of additional liability; affidavits; receipt; redemption.
Section 125.1448k Section Personal liability on land contract or for mortgage debt; original judgment; deficiency; delivery of premises to purchaser; order.
Section 125.1448l Section Forfeiture, foreclosure, or specific performance proceedings; minimum price.
Section 125.1448m Section Land contract or mortgage debt secured by evidence of debt of person other than vendee or mortgagor; party; court order.
Section 125.1448n Section Sale of premises; default subsequent to judgment.
Section 125.1448o Section Action to discharge mortgage or land contract; judgment entered by court; contents; minutes; delivery of judgment to authority; recordation of judgment.
Section 125.1448p Section Equitable actions.
Section 125.1449 Section Foreclosure by advertisement.
Section 125.1449a Section Right of authority to give notice and make foreclosure; conditions; mortgage securing payment of money by installments; installment as separate and independent mortgage; foreclosure and redemption.
Section 125.1449b Section Notice of sale; publication; posting copy of notice upon premises.
Section 125.1449c Section Notice of sale; contents.
Section 125.1449d Section Sale of premises at public sale; hours; location; appointed person; highest bidder.
Section 125.1449e Section Adjournment of sale; request; notice; oral announcement unnecessary.
Section 125.1449f Section Sale of distinct farms, tracts, or lots separately or together.
Section 125.1449g Section Purchase of premises by authority or its successor or assign permitted.
Section 125.1449h Section Deed; execution, acknowledgment, and delivery by officer or person making sale; separate deeds where lands situated in several counties; endorsement, recordation, and indexation of deed by register of deeds; redemption.
Section 125.1449i Section Deed; right, title, and interest vested in grantee; record of deed valid without re-recordation; effect of sale on valid subsisting lien created before mortgage lien took effect.
Section 125.1449j Section Redemption of premises; payment of taxes or insurance premiums; redemption period; fees or charges.
Section 125.1449k Section Abandonment of premises; presumption.
Section 125.1449l Section Payment of entire sum bid at sale, interest, and fee, or delivery of certificate of payment to register; destruction of deed; memoranda.
Section 125.1449m Section Refusal to make and acknowledge certificate of payment; liability; damages; civil action.
Section 125.1449n Section Disposition of surplus money remaining after sale of real estate.
Section 125.1449o Section Perpetuating evidence of sale; affidavit; endorsement upon or annexation to instrument; references.
Section 125.1449p Section Taking and certifying affidavits.
Section 125.1449q Section Recording affidavits; presumptive evidence of facts.
Section 125.1449r Section Note recording evidence of sale to be made in margin of mortgage record.
Section 125.1449s Section Notice of payment to purchaser, agent, or attorney.
Section 125.1449t Section Right to enter mortgaged premises to post or serve notices.
Section 125.1449u Section Action to recover deficiency judgment against mortgagor; defense; applicability of section.
Section 125.1449v Section Foreclosure against residential property not exceeding 4 units and not more than 3 acres; applicability of section.