MCL - Section 339.731

Act 299 of 1980

339.731 Commission or referral fee.

Sec. 731.

    (1) Except as otherwise provided in this section, a certified public accountant may perform services for or receive for services a commission as long as the certified public accountant discloses that arrangement to the person to whom the certified public accountant recommends or refers a product or service to which the commission relates.
    (2) A licensed certified public accountant shall not receive a commission for recommending or referring to a client a product or service or for causing to be recommended, referred, or supplied to a client a product or service during the period in which a licensee or a licensee's firm is engaged by the client to perform 1 or more of the following services or during the period of time covered by any historical financial statements in those services:
    (a) An audit or review of a financial statement.
    (b) A compilation of financial statement when the licensee expects, or may reasonably expect, that a third party will use the financial statement and that the compilation report does not disclose a lack of independence.
    (c) An examination of prospective financial information.
    (3) This section does not prohibit a licensee from paying or receiving a referral fee for recommending or referring a service involving the practice of public accounting if the payment or receipt of the referral fee is disclosed to the client.

History: Add. 1997, Act 10, Imd. Eff. May 16, 1997
Popular Name: Act 299