MCL - Section 339.5607

Act 407 of 2016

339.5607 Violation of article or commission of certain acts.

Sec. 607.

    A person that violates 1 or more of the provisions of a specific article of this act or that commits 1 or more of the following is subject to the penalties described in section 603:
    (a) Practices fraud or deceit in obtaining a license.
    (b) Practices fraud, deceit, or dishonesty in practicing an occupation.
    (c) Violates a rule of conduct of an occupation.
    (d) Demonstrates a lack of good moral character.
    (e) Commits an act of gross negligence in practicing an occupation.
    (f) Practices false advertising.
    (g) Commits an act that demonstrates incompetence.
    (h) Violates any other provision of this act or a rule promulgated under this act for which a penalty is not otherwise prescribed.
    (i) Fails to comply with a subpoena issued under this act.
    (j) Fails to respond to a citation under section 539.
    (k) Violates or fails to comply with a final order issued by a board, including a stipulation, settlement agreement, or a citation.
    (l) Aids or abets another person in the unlicensed practice of an occupation.

History: 2016, Act 407, Eff. Apr. 4, 2017