MCL - Section 339.5301

Act 407 of 2016

339.5301 Board; composition; membership; qualifications.

Sec. 301.

    Unless otherwise provided in a specific article of this act, all of the following apply to a board:
    (a) A board shall consist of 9 voting members, as follows:
    (i) Six of the members of a board shall be individuals who have a license or registration in the occupation or occupations that the board monitors.
    (ii) Three members of a board shall represent the general public.
    (iii) The director is an ex officio member without vote of a board, but is not a member for purposes of section 5 of article V of the state constitution of 1963 or for determining a quorum.
    (b) A member of a board, in addition to fulfilling the requirements set forth in a specific article, shall be at least 18 years old and a resident of this state.

History: 2016, Act 407, Eff. Apr. 4, 2017