MCL - Section 339.2514

Act 299 of 1980

339.2514 Real estate broker or real estate salesperson; nonresident applicant; consent to service of process; application; disposition of process or pleading.

Sec. 2514.

     A nonresident of this state may become a real estate broker or a real estate salesperson by conforming to the requirements of this article. A nonresident applicant shall file an irrevocable consent that an action may be commenced against the applicant in the proper court of a county of this state in which a cause of action may arise in which the plaintiff may reside, by the service of process or pleading authorized by the laws of this state on the department, the consent stipulating and agreeing that service of process or pleadings on the department shall be taken and held in court to be as valid and binding as if due service had been made upon the applicant in this state. An instrument containing a consent shall be authenticated by a seal, if a corporation, or by the acknowledged signature of a member or officer of the corporation, if otherwise. An application, except from an individual, shall be accompanied by the certified copy of the resolution of the proper officer or managing board authorizing the proper officer to execute the application. If a process or pleading mentioned in this article is served upon the department it shall be by duplicate copies, 1 of which shall be filed in the department and the other immediately forwarded by registered mail to the main office of the applicant against which the process or pleading is directed.

History: 1980, Act 299, Imd. Eff. Oct. 21, 1980
Popular Name: Act 299