MCL - Section 333.5953

Act 368 of 1978

333.5953 Healthy Michigan fund; creation; expenditure; fund as additional appropriation; crediting amount and earnings; investment; grants or donations; availability of remaining funds; reversion.

Sec. 5953.

    (1) The healthy Michigan fund is created in the state treasury. The fund shall be expended only for the purposes described in section 36 of article IX of the state constitution of 1963 and as further provided in this part. The fund is in addition to, and is not intended as a replacement for, any other money appropriated to the department or other state agencies.
    (2) The state treasurer shall credit to the fund all amounts dedicated for this purpose under section 36 of article IX of the state constitution of 1963 and any other amounts received by the state treasurer for the purpose of the fund.
    (3) The state treasurer shall invest money in the fund in the same manner as surplus funds are invested under section 3 of Act No. 105 of the Public Acts of 1855, being section 21.143 of the Michigan Compiled Laws. Earnings shall be credited to the fund.
    (4) Funds granted or funds received as gifts or donations to the fund shall be available for disbursement upon appropriation.
    (5) Money remaining in the fund at the end of the fiscal year shall remain in the fund and be available for expenditure in the following year. The unencumbered balance at the close of the fiscal year shall not revert to the general fund.

History: Add. 1995, Act 121, Imd. Eff. June 30, 1995
Popular Name: Act 368