MCL - Section 333.5112

Act 368 of 1978

333.5112 Pandemic influenza plan; establishment and maintenance; annual review and update; availability to public; report.

Sec. 5112.

    (1) The department shall establish and maintain a pandemic influenza plan. The department shall consult with the United States department of health and human services and the federal centers for disease control and prevention to ensure that the pandemic influenza plan established by this state is consistent with the national preparedness efforts. The department, in consultation with the department of agriculture and the local health departments in this state, shall review and update the pandemic influenza plan at least annually. The department shall make the pandemic influenza plan and any updates to that plan available to the public through its website.
    (2) Beginning 1 year after the effective date of this section and annually thereafter, the department shall prepare a report regarding the pandemic influenza plan established under subsection (1), including an assessment of the plan's effectiveness and this state's preparedness for an influenza outbreak, and present that report to the appropriate standing committees and appropriations subcommittees of the senate and house of representatives of the legislature that primarily address public health issues.

History: Add. 2006, Act 163, Imd. Eff. May 26, 2006
Popular Name: Act 368