MCL - Section 333.16301

Act 368 of 1978

333.16301 Fees generally.

Sec. 16301.

    (1) Fees for licenses and registrations issued and other services performed by the department shall be as prescribed in this article.
    (2) This article does not prohibit a person who has a contract with the department or any other person providing direct services from collecting fees directly from an applicant, registrant, or licensee.
    (3) If the department terminates a contract with a person who has been administering a licensing or registration examination to applicants for licensure or registration in a specific profession and the department itself begins to administer the examination, the department shall not charge an applicant a fee greater than the fee charged under the terminated contract unless the examination fee for that profession is increased under this article.

History: 1978, Act 368, Eff. Sept. 30, 1978 ;-- Am. 1978, Act 625, Imd. Eff. Jan. 6, 1979 ;-- Am. 1979, Act 161, Imd. Eff. Dec. 10, 1979 ;-- Am. 1988, Act 462, Eff. Sept. 1, 1989 ;-- Am. 1993, Act 79, Eff. Apr. 1, 1994
Popular Name: Act 368