MCL - Section 333.16285

Act 368 of 1978

333.16285 Telehealth service; prescribing patient with drug; conditions; requirements.

Sec. 16285.

    (1) A health professional who is providing a telehealth service to a patient may prescribe the patient a drug if both of the following are met:
    (a) The health professional is a prescriber who is acting within the scope of his or her practice in prescribing the drug.
    (b) If the health professional is prescribing a drug that is a controlled substance, the health professional meets the requirements of this act applicable to that health professional for prescribing a controlled substance.
    (2) A health professional who prescribes a drug under subsection (1) shall comply with both of the following:
    (a) If the health professional considers it medically necessary, he or she shall provide the patient with a referral for other health care services that are geographically accessible to the patient, including, but not limited to, emergency services.
    (b) After providing a telehealth service, the health professional, or a health professional who is acting under the delegation of the delegating health professional, shall make himself or herself available to provide follow-up health care services to the patient or refer the patient to another health professional for follow-up health care services.

History: Add. 2016, Act 359, Eff. Mar. 29, 2017 ;-- Am. 2017, Act 22, Imd. Eff. Mar. 31, 2017
Popular Name: Act 368