MCL - Section 333.16168

Act 368 of 1978

333.16168 Contracts with private entities to assist with health professional recovery program; report.

Sec. 16168.

    (1) The department shall enter into a contract with a private entity to act as a consultant to assist the committee with the administration of the health professional recovery program including, but not limited to, the duties described in section 16167(b) and (c). The department shall require the private entity to demonstrate that it has expertise and knowledge regarding the treatment of impaired health professionals.
    (2) In the contract between the department and the private entity entered into under subsection (1), the department shall require the private entity to report immediately to the department any circumstances known to the private entity that indicate that an impaired health professional may be a threat to the public health, safety, or welfare.

History: Add. 1993, Act 80, Eff. Apr. 1, 1994
Popular Name: Act 368