MCL - Section 333.13321

Act 368 of 1978

333.13321 Enforcement; suspension, revocation, or denial of license; finding of emergency; emergency order; hearing; continuing, modifying, or revoking order.

Sec. 13321.

    (1) The department shall enforce this part and the rules promulgated pursuant to this part.
    (2) The department may suspend, revoke, or deny a class IV installation license.
    (3) Upon a finding that an emergency exists requiring immediate action to protect occupational or public health and safety, the department may issue an order, without notice or hearing, reciting the existence of the emergency and providing for the protection of public health and safety. Notwithstanding this part or the administrative procedures act of 1969, the order shall be effective immediately. A person to whom the order is directed shall comply immediately but on application to the department shall be afforded a hearing within 15 days. On the basis of the hearing, the emergency order shall be continued, modified, or revoked not later than 30 days after the hearing.

History: 1978, Act 368, Eff. Sept. 30, 1978
Compiler's Notes: For transfer of powers and duties of Michigan dry cleaning program from department of health and human services to department of environmental quality, see E.R.O. No. 2017-3, compiled at MCL 333.26254.
Popular Name: Act 368