MCL - Section 330.1100

Act 258 of 1974

330.1100 Definitions.

Sec. 100.

     The definitions in sections 100a to 100d apply to this act unless the context requires otherwise. Other definitions applicable to specific chapters are found in those chapters.

History: 1974, Act 258, Eff. Aug. 6, 1975 ;-- Am. 1990, Act 124, Imd. Eff. June 26, 1990 ;-- Am. 1995, Act 290, Eff. Mar. 28, 1996
Compiler's Notes: For transfer of powers and duties of licensing, monitoring, and accreditation, with the exception of the clinical services team, from the department of community health to the director of the department of commerce, see E.R.O. No. 1996-1, compiled at MCL 330.3101 of the Michigan Compiled Laws.