MCL - 33-2008-III.

Act 33 of 2008
Document Type Description
Section 125.3831 Section Master plan; preparation by planning commission; meetings with other governmental planning commissions or agency staff; powers.
Section 125.3833 Section Master plan; land use and infrastructure issues; inclusion of maps, plats, charts, and other related matter; recommendations for physical development; additional subjects; implementation of master street plan or certain elements; specifications; section subject to MCL 125.3881(1); public transportation facilities.
Section 125.3835 Section Subplan; adoption.
Section 125.3837 Section Metropolitan county planning commission; designation; powers.
Section 125.3839 Section Master plan; adoption; procedures; notice; submittals; use of electronic mail.
Section 125.3841 Section Preparation of proposed master plan; submission to legislative body for review and comment; approval required; notice; submission of comments; statements as advisory.
Section 125.3843 Section Proposed master plan; public hearing; notice; approval by resolution of planning commission; statement; submission of copy of master plan to legislative body; approval or rejection by legislative body; procedures; submission of adopted master plan to certain entities.
Section 125.3845 Section Extension, addition, revision, or other amendment to master plan; adoption; procedures; review and findings.
Section 125.3847 Section Part of county master plan covering incorporated area; adoption by appropriate city or village required; exception.
Section 125.3849 Section City or village planning department; authority to submit proposed master plan, or proposed extension, addition, revision, or other amendment.
Section 125.3851 Section Public interest and understanding; promotion.