MCL - 328-1931-XXVIII

Act 328 of 1931
Chapter XXVIII
Document Type Description
Section 750.167 Section Disorderly person; subsequent violations by person convicted of refusing or neglecting to support family; breastfeeding or expressing breast milk exempt.
Section 750.167a Section Person hunting with firearms while drunk or intoxicated; confiscation and disposition of weapons; application for or possession of hunting license for period of 3 years prohibited.
Section 750.167b Section Bondsman in criminal cases; procurement of attorney; maximum charge for bond; dismissal of charge; list of bondsmen; posting; compilation; record; violation; penalty.
Section 750.167c Section Report of conviction for hunting while intoxicated; circulating list of convictions; violation by licensing agent.
Section 750.167d Section Funeral, memorial service, or viewing; funeral procession; burial; prohibited conduct; violation; penalty.
Section 750.168 Section Disorderly person; penalty.