MCL - 328-1931-XXVA

Act 328 of 1931
Chapter XXVA
Document Type Description
Section 750.159f Section Definitions generally.
Section 750.159g Section "Racketeering" defined.
Section 750.159h Section “Records” or “documenting materials” and “substituted proceeds” defined.
Section 750.159i Section Prohibited conduct.
Section 750.159j Section Violation as felony; penalties; imposition of costs; order to criminally forfeit property; additional authority of court; conditions for entering order of criminal forfeiture; attorney fees; determination of extent of property; property not reachable; retention of property by law enforcement agency; disposition of money seized; seizure; other criminal or civil remedies not precluded.
Section 750.159k Section Order of criminal forfeiture; notice; hearing to determine validity of claim of property interest; petition; consolidation of hearings; testimony and evidence; amendment of order.
Section 750.159l Section Jurisdiction of court; notification of persons with property interest.
Section 750.159m Section Property subject to civil in rem forfeiture; exceptions; encumbrances; attorney fees.
Section 750.159n Section Seizure of property subject to civil in rem forfeiture; petition; filing; personal or intangible property; determination by court; seizure without process; circumstances; lien notice against real property; notice and hearing required; return of property to crime victim; exceptions; custody of property by seizing agency.
Section 750.159o Section Notice requirements.
Section 750.159p Section Verified claim stating interest in property or proceeds.
Section 750.159q Section Burden of proof; evidence; return or disposal of property; notice; estoppel from denial of allegations in civil trial; admissibility of testimony.
Section 750.159r Section Sale of seized property by unit of government; disposal of received money; order of priority; appointment, compensation, and duties of receiver.
Section 750.159s Section Commencement of action.
Section 750.159t Section Seizure of constitutionally protected materials.
Section 750.159u Section Civil cause of action not created by chapter.
Section 750.159v Section Forfeiture proceeding under other law not precluded.
Section 750.159w Section Activities unrelated to prohibited activities of enterprise.
Section 750.159x Section Notice of proposed investigation to attorney general.