MCL - 328-1931-XXIV

Act 328 of 1931
Chapter XXIV
Document Type Description
Section 750.151 Section Contracts; conspiracy; penalty.
Section 750.152 Section Illegal contracts.
Section 750.153 Section Illegal contracts; carrying into effect.
Section 750.154 Section Violation by corporation forfeits charter.
Section 750.155 Section Violation by corporation forfeits charter; quo warranto.
Section 750.156 Section Chapter inapplicable to agricultural products or livestock under certain conditions; chapter inapplicable to conspiracy committed under chapter LXVIIA.
Section 750.157 Section Providing incriminating testimony or evidence; use of truthful testimony, evidence, or other information against witness in criminal case.
Section 750.157a Section Conspiracy to commit offense or legal act in illegal manner; penalty.
Section 750.157b Section Solicitation to commit murder or felony; penalty; affirmative defense.
Section 750.157c Section Recruiting, inducing, soliciting, or coercing minor to commit felony.