MCL - 328-1931-LXIV

Act 328 of 1931
Chapter LXIV
Document Type Description
Section 750.431 Section Poisons and antidotes; marking name by retailers.
Section 750.432 Section Recording sales of poisons.
Section 750.433 Section Giving false or fictitious name.
Section 750.434 Section Marking containers of naphtha and alcohol.
Section 750.435 Section Denatured alcohol container; label.
Section 750.436 Section Mingling poison or harmful substance with food, drink, nonprescription medicine, or pharmaceutical product, or placing poison or harmful substance in spring, well, reservoir, or public water supply; false information; violation; penalties.
Section 750.437 Section Exposing poisonous substances where liable to be eaten by beasts; exception.
Section 750.438 Section Poisonous fly killers; regulations; noncompliance; misdemeanor.