MCL - 328-1931-L

Act 328 of 1931
Chapter L
Document Type Description
Section 750.349 Section Kidnapping; "restrain" defined; violation as felony; penalty; other violation arising from same transaction.
Section 750.349a Section Prisoner taking person as hostage.
Section 750.349b Section Unlawful imprisonment; circumstances; violation as felony; penalty; definitions; other violation.
Section 750.350 Section Leading, taking, carrying away, decoying, or enticing away child under 14; intent; violation as felony; penalty; adoptive or natural parent.
Section 750.350a Section Taking or retaining child by adoptive or natural parent; intent; violation as felony; penalty; restitution for financial expense; effect of pleading or being found guilty; probation; discharge and dismissal; court proceedings open to public; retention of nonpublic record by department of state police; defense.