MCL - 328-1931-IX

Act 328 of 1931
Chapter IX
Document Type Description
Section 750.49 Section Animal; animal control agency; definition; fighting, baiting, or shooting; prohibited conduct; violation as felony; costs; dog trained or used for fighting or offspring of dog trained or used for fighting; prohibited conduct; exceptions; confiscation of dog; award of dog to animal control agency; notice required; holding period; security deposit or bond; euthanasia; expenses; forfeiture of animals, equipment, devices, and money; disposition of money seized; additional exceptions.
Section 750.50 Section Definitions; charge or custody of animal; breeder or owner of a pet shop; prohibited conduct; forfeiture of animal; violation as misdemeanor or felony; penalty; psychiatric or psychological counseling; other violation of law arising out of same transaction; consecutive terms; order to pay costs; order prohibiting owning or possessing animal for certain period of time; violation of subsection (9); revocation of probation; certain conduct not prohibited by section.
Section 750.50a Section Service animal; prohibited conduct by individual; violation as misdemeanor; rebuttable presumption that conduct initiated or continued maliciously; conviction or sentence under other applicable law; definitions.
Section 750.50b Section Animal and companion animal defined; prohibited acts; violation; penalty; consecutive terms; exceptions.
Section 750.50c Section Police dog or police horse; definitions; violation as felony or misdemeanor; penalty; other violations.
Section 750.51 Section Animals; confining on railroad cars.
Section 750.52 Section Repealed. 2015, Act 210, Eff. Mar. 14, 2016.
Section 750.53 Section Arrest of persons; seizure of animals.
Section 750.54 Section Search warrants.
Section 750.55 Section Incorporated society; representative deputy sheriff.
Section 750.56 Section Definitions.
Section 750.57 Section Burial of dead animals.
Section 750.58 Section Horses; unhitching and driving away.
Section 750.59 Section Repealed. 2018, Act 286, Imd. Eff. June 29, 2018.
Section 750.60 Section Horses' tails; docking.
Section 750.61 Section Docked horses; registration, bringing into state.
Section 750.62 Section Docked horses; registration.
Section 750.63 Section Docked horses; unlawful docking, evidence.
Section 750.64 Section Docked horses; failure to register.
Section 750.65 Section Bull; at large on highway or unenclosed land.
Section 750.66 Section Person responsible for dog or wolf-dog cross that has bitten another person; information to be provided; violation as misdemeanor; exception; definitions.
Section 750.66a Section Dog or wolf-dog cross bite; responsible person to remain on scene; violation as misdemeanor; penalty; exception; definitions.
Section 750.67 Section Domestic animals or fowl on cemetery grounds, landing fields, airports.
Section 750.68 Section Brand of animals.
Section 750.69 Section Rescuing animals.
Section 750.70 Section Impounding animals unlawfully.
Section 750.70a Section Willful or malicious removal of collar or microchip from dog; intent to remove traceable evidence of ownership; violation as civil infraction; civil fine; liability under other law; "authorized agent" defined.