MCL - Section 324.73111

Act 451 of 1994

324.73111 Adoption of part as ordinance; effect of contradicting or conflicting ordinance, regulation, or resolution.

Sec. 73111.

    (1) A local unit of government may adopt this part as an ordinance, except that a penalty imposed for a violation of that ordinance shall not exceed the penalty authorized by law for the violation of an ordinance enacted by that local unit of government.
    (2) A local unit of government shall not enact, maintain, or enforce an ordinance, regulation, or resolution that contradicts or conflicts in any manner with this part.

History: Add. 1995, Act 58, Imd. Eff. May 24, 1995
Popular Name: Act 451
Popular Name: NREPA
Popular Name: Recreational Trespass Act