MCL - Section 324.32611

Act 451 of 1994

324.32611 Great Lakes fund.

Sec. 32611.

    (1) The Great Lakes fund is created within the state treasury.
    (2) The state treasurer may receive money or other assets from any source for deposit into the Great Lakes fund. The state treasurer shall direct the investment of the Great Lakes fund. The state treasurer shall credit to the Great Lakes fund interest and earnings from Great Lakes fund investments.
    (3) Money in the Great Lakes fund at the close of the fiscal year shall remain in the Great Lakes fund and shall not lapse to the general fund.
    (4) The department shall expend money from the Great Lakes fund, upon appropriation, only for environmental projects related to the Great Lakes and areas contiguous to the Great Lakes including, but not limited to, the prevention and management of nonnative species, coastal wetland restoration, contaminated sediment cleanup, and underwater preserve management, and for the administration of this part.

History: Add. 2000, Act 277, Imd. Eff. July 10, 2000 ;-- Am. 2011, Act 218, Imd. Eff. Nov. 10, 2011
Popular Name: Act 451
Popular Name: NREPA