MCL - 317-1969-8

Act 317 of 1969
Chapter 8
Document Type Description
Section 418.801 Section Payment of compensation; time; manner; record; reports; daily charges as elements of loss; failure to notify carrier of disability or death; interest; detection and prevention of fraud, waste, and abuse; recommendations.
Section 418.805 Section Record of injuries; contents; reports to bureau.
Section 418.811 Section Compensation; effect of savings, insurance, or other benefits.
Section 418.815 Section Compensation; waiver of right, validity.
Section 418.821 Section Assignment, attachment, or garnishment; liability as first lien on property of employer; enforcement of assignment to group disability or hospitalization insurance company, health maintenance organization, or medical care and hospital service corporation; attorney fees; self-insurer as “insurance company”; adjustment; rights of assignment of labor management health and welfare fund.
Section 418.823 Section Mental incompetents or minors.
Section 418.827 Section Third party liability.
Section 418.831 Section Compensation; acceptance, effect.
Section 418.833 Section Application for further compensation; overpayment, recoupment.
Section 418.835 Section Redemption of liability from personal injury; payment of lump sum; proposed redemption agreement as lump sum application; liability of employer; hearing; notice to employer; waiver; use of fees; applicability to proposed redemption agreements of subsections (2) to (5).
Section 418.835a Section Worker's compensation administrative revolving fund; creation; administration and use of fund; carry over.
Section 418.836 Section Approval of redemption agreement; findings; factors considered in making determination; employer as party.
Section 418.837 Section Approval or rejection of redemption agreements and lump sum applications; review; order; appeal; finality.
Section 418.841 Section Disputes or controversies concerning compensation or other benefits; submission to bureau; determination of questions arising under act; director as interested party; referral of claims to small claims division; notice; filing request for removal; hearing; representation; rules of evidence; record; claim exceeding $2,000.00; finality of decision; request for hearing under MCL 418.847.
Section 418.845 Section Out-of-state injuries; jurisdiction; benefits.
Section 418.846 Section Worker's compensation benefits received under law of another state for same personal injury; credit.
Section 418.847 Section Setting case for mediation or hearing; hearing; order; opinion; resolution of case by mediation.
Section 418.851 Section Inquiries and investigations; evidence; place of hearing; filing order with bureau; stipulations; modification or correction of errors; order of bureau.
Section 418.851a Section Repealed. 1989, Act 117, Eff. Mar. 30, 1992.
Section 418.852 Section Liability of carrier or fund; determination; reimbursement of carrier or fund.
Section 418.853 Section Process and procedure; oaths; subpoenas; examination of books and records; contempt; application to circuit court.
Section 418.855 Section Statement of injured employee; copy; admissibility as evidence.
Section 418.858 Section Cost of hearing; fees of attorneys and physicians; disagreement as to fees; application for hearing; order; review; maximum attorney fees; rules; special order awarding fees; computation of attorney fees; limitation on fees; reduction in fees.
Section 418.859 Section Repealed. 1989, Act 117, Eff. Mar. 30, 1992.
Section 418.859a Section Filing claim for review; time; copy of testimony, depositions, and other documents.
Section 418.860 Section Repealed. 1994, Act 271, Imd. Eff. July 11, 1994.
Section 418.861 Section Findings of fact conclusive; questions of law.
Section 418.861a Section Hearing and decision; findings of fact; definitions; transcript and brief; copies; reply brief; cross appeal and brief; specifications; review and decision; adoption of order and opinion; scope of review; remand; analyses of evidence; findings of fact conclusive; review of questions of law; modification or correction of errors in decision.
Section 418.861b Section Vexatious claim or proceedings; disciplinary action.
Section 418.862 Section Claim for review as stay of payment; commencement and duration of payment; withholding benefits accruing prior to award; reimbursement of carrier; payment by carrier; interest; payments as accrued compensation in determining attorneys' fees; medical benefits.
Section 418.863 Section Presentation of certified copy of order to circuit court; judgment.
Section 418.864 Section Hearing by arbitrator; qualifications of arbitrator; adherence to civil rules of evidence; testimony; record; transcript; costs; place of hearing; briefs; order; opinion; findings of fact; review of questions of law; voluntary arbitration; fee of arbitrator.
Section 418.865 Section Examination by physicians; fee.
Section 418.867 Section Investigation commission; report, expenses.
Section 418.891 Section Application of prior law; new benefit rates; saving clause; applicability of amendments to personal injuries and work-related diseases incurred on or after December 19, 2011.
Section 418.898 Section Repeal.
Section 418.899 Section Effective date.