MCL - 317-1969-6

Act 317 of 1969
Chapter 6
Document Type Description
Section 418.601 Section Definitions.
Section 418.611 Section Methods of securing payment of compensation; agreement among employers to pool liabilities; qualification as self-insurers; security; "public employer" defined; employer's liability insurance; employers in same industry; determination; nonpublic health care facility employer as member of self-insurers' group; denial or termination of self-insured status; appeal; review; application to service self-insurance program.
Section 418.613 Section Misclassification of services; penalties or interest.
Section 418.615 Section Report by employer not self-insurer; failure to file.
Section 418.621 Section Insurance contracts subject to act; separate policy for certain employees; construction site; required provisions; form; applicability of section to State Accident Fund.
Section 418.625 Section Insurance policy's notice of issuance; contents; refusal to accept coverage.
Section 418.631 Section Claim payments; filing reports.
Section 418.641 Section Noncompliance as misdemeanor; penalty; separate offenses; damages for violation of MCL 418.171 or MCL 418.611; recovery from uninsured employer; disposition of fines; director as party; injuries to which subsections (3), (4), and (5) applicable.
Section 418.645 Section Complaint; order to show cause; injunction; civil fine; limitation; collection and payment.
Section 418.647 Section Failure of employer to comply with MCL 418.611; liability of employer as corporation, limited liability company, or limited liability partnership.
Section 418.651 Section Existing contracts unaffected; rights and liabilities.
Section 418.655 Section Relief from liability.
Section 418.657 Section Public employers; operating expense; tax levy.
Section 418.659 Section Dissolution of certain authorities; payment of claims.