Act 300 of 1949
Document Type Description
Section 257.672 Section Stopping, parking or leaving vehicle upon paved or main traveled part of highway or upon paved or unpaved part of limited access highway; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.673 Section Removal of illegally stopped bicycles or vehicles; costs.
Section 257.674 Section Prohibited parking; exceptions; bus loading zone; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.674a Section Clear vision areas; parking and commercial enterprises prohibited; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.675 Section Stopping, standing, or parking of vehicle; requirements; signs; traffic control orders as rules; hearing; use of windshield placard by disabled person; courtesy required; free parking sticker; display; confiscation; false statement, deception, or fraud as misdemeanor; penalty; violation as civil infraction; cancellation, revocation, or suspension; driver, chauffeur's, or state personal identification card number; signature of physician, physician assistant, certified nurse practitioner, or physical therapist; third party reimbursement or worker's compensation; "disabled person" defined.
Section 257.675a Section Unlawful standing or parked vehicle; proof; presumption.
Section 257.675b Section Unlawful standing or parked leased or rented motor vehicle; liability proof; information to be provided by owner; definitions.
Section 257.675c Section Stopping, standing, or parking violations; registered owner as person prima facie responsible for violation; affirmative defense; civil action; written indemnification agreement; applicability of subsection (3) to leased vehicle; issuing citation to operator.
Section 257.675d Section Authorizing and utilizing persons other than police officers to issue citations; violations; training program; definitions.