Act 300 of 1949
Document Type Description
Section 257.656 Section Violations of MCL 257.656 to 257.661a as civil infractions; duty of parent or guardian; regulations applicable to bicycles and motorcycles.
Section 257.657 Section Rights and duties of persons riding bicycle, electric bicycle, electric skateboard, electric personal assistive mobility device, moped, low-speed vehicle, or commercial quadricycle.
Section 257.657a Section Operation of golf cart on village, city, or township streets or state trunk line highway.
Section 257.658 Section Riding on seat of bicycle, motorcycle, moped, electric skateboard, or electric personal assistive mobility device; number of persons; wearing of crash helmet; conditions; rules; requirements for autocycle.
Section 257.658a Section Seats and foot rests; requirements; exception; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.658b Section Crash helmet required; exception.
Section 257.659 Section Riding while attached to streetcar or vehicle.
Section 257.660 Section Electric personal assistive mobility device, low-speed vehicle, commercial quadricycle; electric skateboard, or moped; operation; limitations; applicability to police officer; regulation by local government; prohibitions; regulation by department of natural resources.
Section 257.660a Section Operation of bicycle upon highway or street; riding close to right-hand curb or edge of roadway; exceptions.
Section 257.660b Section Operation of bicycle upon highway or street; riding more than 2 abreast.
Section 257.660c Section Operation of bicycle upon sidewalk or pedestrian crosswalk.
Section 257.660d Section Parking bicycle or electric skateboard on sidewalk, highway, or street.
Section 257.661 Section Carrying package, bundle, or article on bicycle, electric personal assistive mobility device, moped, or motorcycle.
Section 257.661a Section Handlebars of motorcycle or moped.
Section 257.662 Section Bicycle, electric personal assistive mobility device, electric skateboard, or commercial quadricycle; equipment; violation as civil infraction.
Section 257.662a Section Electric bicycle; rights of individual; label to be affixed by manufacturer or distributor; tampering with or modification of electric bicycle prohibited; requirements applicable to class 3 electric bicycle; compliance with federal requirements; operation on highway or within city; operation of class 1, class 2, or class 3 electric bicycle on certain trails; compliance with Americans with disabilities act of 1990 and persons with disabilities civil rights act; public hearing; inapplicability of subsections (6) to (10) to use of electric bicycles on congressionally authorized public trail system.