MCL - Section 30.414

Act 390 of 1976

30.414 Assessment of disaster or emergency; findings and recommendations; notice; temporary assistance; action by governor.

Sec. 14.

    (1) In the event a disaster or emergency occurs that has not yet been declared to be a state of disaster or a state of emergency by the governor, and the disaster or emergency is considered by the chief executive official of the municipality or the governing body or the county in which it occurs to be beyond the control of the county or municipality, the emergency management coordinator shall immediately contact the district coordinator. The chief executive official of a county shall not request state assistance or a declaration of a state of disaster or a state of emergency for an emergency which has occurred or is occurring solely within the confines of a township, city, or village within the county unless requested to do so by the chief executive official of the affected township, city, or village. The district coordinator, in conjunction with the county or municipal coordinator, shall assess the nature and scope of the disaster or emergency, and they shall recommend the personnel, services, and equipment that will be required for its prevention, mitigation, or relief.
    (2) Upon completing the assessment, the district coordinator shall forthwith notify the director of the findings and recommendations. The director shall immediately notify the governor. If the director determines that immediate action is essential to the preservation of life and property, the director may initiate temporary assistance to the affected area as necessary and compatible with the policies and procedures of the Michigan emergency management plan.
    (3) The director shall advise the governor of the magnitude of the disaster or emergency. The governor may take the necessary action he or she considers appropriate to mitigate the disaster or emergency. This act shall not be construed to restrain the governor from exercising on his own initiative any of the powers set forth in this act.

History: 1976, Act 390, Imd. Eff. Dec. 30, 1976 ;-- Am. 1990, Act 50, Imd. Eff. Apr. 6, 1990