MCL - 3-1895-VI

Act 3 of 1895
Chapter VI
Document Type Description
Section 66.1 Section Ordinance; style; passage; days required to be effective.
Section 66.2 Section Violation of ordinance; sanction; designation as civil infraction; civil fine; act or omission constituting crime; penalty.
Section 66.2a Section Recreational trailway; posting ordinance; prohibited operation of vehicle as municipal civil infraction; penalty.
Section 66.3 Section Record of ordinances; authentication.
Section 66.3a Section Codification of ordinances.
Section 66.4 Section Publication of ordinance or synopsis; certification; adoption of state statute by reference; penalty.
Section 66.5 Section Repealed. 1998, Act 255, Imd. Eff. July 13, 1998.
Section 66.6 Section Violation of ordinance; commencement of prosecution; judicial district; powers of court.
Section 66.7 Section Violation of ordinance; civil action to recover penalty; warrant; law governing proceedings.
Section 66.8 Section Use of county jail; expenses.
Section 66.9 Section Sufficient statement of cause; right to trial by jury; selecting and summoning jurors; inhabitant of village as juror; applicability of section to civil infraction.
Section 66.10 Section Appeals to circuit court; proceedings.
Section 66.11 Section Village lockup or holding facility.
Section 66.12 Section Security for costs; filing by complaining witness; liability.
Section 66.13 Section Fines; payment.
Section 66.14 Section Suit against collector; failure to pay over fines; larceny.