MCL - 3-1895-IX

Act 3 of 1895
Chapter IX
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Section 69.1 Section Authority of council to levy taxes; general fund.
Section 69.2 Section Authority of council to levy taxes; general highway fund.
Section 69.3 Section Repealed. 1958, Act 116, Eff. Sept. 13, 1958.
Section 69.4 Section Authority of council to levy taxes; cemeteries; tax limit.
Section 69.5 Section Authority of council to levy taxes; street and other local improvements; special assessment proceeds.
Section 69.6 Section Taxation for payment of interest, principal, sinking fund deposits, evidences of indebtedness, assessments, or contract obligations; credit for surplus money.
Section 69.7 Section Auditing and settling accounts; statement.
Section 69.7a Section Commencement of fiscal year.
Section 69.8 Section Village taxes; annual assessment roll; contents; certification of determination.
Section 69.9 Section Assessment roll; review by township board of review.
Section 69.10, 69.11 Section Repealed. 1967, Act 84, Eff. Nov. 2, 1967.
Section 69.12 Section Annual assessment roll; certification of board of review.
Section 69.13 Section Assessment roll; council's certificate to treasurer; contents.
Section 69.14 Section Assessment roll; tax apportionment by assessor.
Section 69.15 Section Delivery of certified assessment roll to treasurer; collection warrant; renewal of warrant.
Section 69.16 Section Taxes; treasurer to collect; fees.
Section 69.17 Section Taxes; collection by seizure of personal property.
Section 69.18 Section Taxes as lien against property; interest; fees and charges; taxes returned delinquent; resolution; tax bill or enclosure to specify where delinquent taxes to be paid; adding fees and interest to taxes; return of unpaid taxes on real property to county treasurer; collection; rate of interest and fees; delinquent taxes as lien; return to department of treasury.
Section 69.19 Section Tax sales; proceeds, deposit with county treasurer.
Section 69.20 Section Tax on personal property; collection suit.
Section 69.21 Section Borrowing in anticipation of revenue sharing or taxes.
Section 69.22 Section Raising additional amounts by tax or loan; approval of electors; limitation on taxation and indebtedness; exclusions from limitation; validation of prior bonds or obligations; computation of net indebtedness for purposes of subsection (2).
Section 69.22a Section Repealed. 1998, Act 254, Imd. Eff. July 13, 1998.
Section 69.23 Section Bonds; approval of electors required; exemption of certain bonds and obligations; expenses.
Section 69.24 Section Disbursements; procedures.
Section 69.25 Section Loans; issuance and execution of bonds; validation of prior bonds or indebtedness.
Section 69.26, 69.27 Section Repealed. 1974, Act 4, Imd. Eff. Jan. 30, 1974.