MCL - 299-1980-6

Act 299 of 1980
Article 6

Document Type Description
Section 339.601 Section Practicing regulated occupation or using designated title; license or registration required; operation of barber college, school of cosmetology, or real estate school; license or approval required; effect of suspended, revoked, or lapsed license or registration; violation as misdemeanor; penalties; person not licensed as residential builder or residential maintenance and alteration contractor; person not licensed as architect, professional engineer, or professional land surveyor; violation; penalties; restitution; injunctive relief; exceptions; "affected person" defined; investigation; forfeiture; remedies; performance of services by interior designer; notice of conviction to department.
Section 339.601a Section Repealed. 2014, Act 193, Imd. Eff. June 24, 2014.
Section 339.602 Section Violation of act, rule, or order; penalties.
Section 339.603 Section Restitution; suspension of license or certificate of registration.
Section 339.604 Section Violation of article regulating occupation or commission of prohibited act; penalties.
Section 339.605 Section Action in name of state; intervention and prosecution by attorney general; action by department; standing.
Section 339.606 Section Forfeiture.