MCL - 299-1980-24

Act 299 of 1980
Article 24

Document Type Description
Section 339.2401 Section Definitions.
Section 339.2402 Section Residential builders' and maintenance and alteration contractors' board; creation; qualifications of members.
Section 339.2403 Section Engaging in business or acting in capacity of residential builder or residential maintenance and alteration contractor or salesperson without license.
Section 339.2404 Section Evidence of good moral character; proof of identity; examination; issuance of residential maintenance and alteration contractor's license; scope of crafts and trades; place of business; branch office license; duration of license; renewal; documentation of continuing competency requirements.
Section 339.2404a Section Information to be provided as part of contract.
Section 339.2404b Section Licensure as residential builder or residential maintenance and alteration contractor; completion of prelicensure course of study; disciplinary action; continuing competency requirements; approved courses; subject matter; rules; alternate forms of continuing competency; department audit; application for inactive status; designation of licensee as inactive; exemption from requirements in subsection (1); affidavit signed by commanding officer, supervisor, or military superior; retaking examination.
Section 339.2404c Section Individual denied license because of financial instability.
Section 339.2405 Section Application for license by corporation, partnership, association, limited liability company, or other entity; designation and responsibilities of qualifying officer; age and license requirements; suspension, revocation, or denial of license.
Section 339.2406 Section Nonresident licensee; issuing license to foreign corporation; irrevocable consent to service of process; resolution authorizing consent; service of process or pleading.
Section 339.2407 Section Licensing salesperson in employ of 1 builder or contractor; application for transfer and issuance of new license; submission of salesperson's license application.
Section 339.2408 Section Repealed. 1988, Act 463, Eff. Sept. 1, 1989.
Section 339.2409 Section Reporting certain changes.
Section 339.2410 Section Repeating examination not required when making application for additional license.
Section 339.2411 Section Complaint; conduct subject to penalty; violations; review; administrative proceedings regarding workmanship; order of default; "verified complaint" defined.
Section 339.2411a Section Final order of board; posting on website.
Section 339.2412 Section Action for collection of compensation for performance of act or contract; alleging and proving licensure; failure to use alternative dispute resolution; other legal action; civil violation.