Act 288 of 1967
Document Type Description
Section 560.101 Section Short title.
Section 560.102 Section Definitions.
Section 560.103 Section Subdivisions of land; surveys and plats, requirements.
Section 560.104 Section Replats; requirements; vacation of original plat.
Section 560.105 Section Preliminary or final plat; approval; conditions.
Section 560.106 Section Approving authorities; limitation on powers of approval or rejection.
Section 560.107 Section Preliminary plat; submission, discretion.
Section 560.108 Section Parent parcel or parent tract; number of parcels resulting from division; limitations; requirements.
Section 560.109 Section Approval or disapproval of proposed division; requirements; exemption from platting requirements; notice of transfer; form; sale of unplatted land; statement contained in deed; ordinance; approval not determination of compliance; effect of failure to comply.
Section 560.109a Section Parcel less than 1 acre.
Section 560.109b Section Parcels of 20 or more acres.