MCL - 288-1967-FINAL-PLATS

Act 288 of 1967
Document Type Description
Section 560.131 Section General survey requirements; date of expiration of approval.
Section 560.132 Section Plats; specifications.
Section 560.133 Section Final plat; caption.
Section 560.134 Section Final plat; description of land.
Section 560.135 Section Map and engineering requirements.
Section 560.136 Section Final plat; exterior boundaries; requirements, specifications.
Section 560.137 Section Final plat; public and private grounds, streets, roads and alleys.
Section 560.138 Section Final plat; flood plains.
Section 560.139 Section Public utilities; easements.
Section 560.140 Section Lots and outlots; description.
Section 560.141 Section Improvements.
Section 560.142 Section Certificate required for recording.
Section 560.143 Section Surveyor's certificate.
Section 560.144 Section Proprietor's certificate.
Section 560.145 Section County treasurer's certificate.
Section 560.146 Section County drain commissioner's certificate.
Section 560.147 Section County road commissioner's certificate.
Section 560.148 Section Municipality governing board's certificate.
Section 560.149 Section County plat board's certificate.
Section 560.150 Section State highway commission's certificate.
Section 560.151 Section Certificate signed by director of department of energy, labor, and economic growth; approval of plat.
Section 560.161 Section Approval; general requirements.
Section 560.162 Section Drain commissioner; number of copies.
Section 560.163 Section Drain commissioner; approval procedure.
Section 560.164 Section Board of county road commissioners; submission of plat.
Section 560.165 Section Board of county road commissioners; approval procedure.
Section 560.166 Section Municipality governing body; submission of plat.
Section 560.167 Section Municipality governing body; approval procedure.
Section 560.167a Section State transportation department; receipt of plat.
Section 560.168 Section Forwarding to county plat board; procedure of board.
Section 560.169 Section Forwarding approval and plat copies to state administrator.
Section 560.169a Section Repealed. 1993, Act 67, Eff. Oct. 1, 1998.
Section 560.170 Section Repealed. 2004, Act 525, Eff. July 1, 2005.
Section 560.171 Section Department of labor and economic growth; plat approval or rejection; recording.
Section 560.172 Section Register of deeds; recordings; notice to director of department of energy, labor, and economic growth.
Section 560.173 Section Director of department of energy, labor, and economic growth; procedure following notice of recording.
Section 560.181 Section Final plat; streets, alleys, roads and highways; general requirements.
Section 560.182 Section Final plat; streets, alleys, and roads; municipal requirements; deposit; rebate; rejection of plat; circumstances.
Section 560.183 Section Final plat; highways, streets, and alleys; private roads; county road commission requirements; “county road commission” defined.
Section 560.184 Section State highways; dedication; other highways and streets.
Section 560.186 Section Final plat; lots and outlots; waiver; applicability of subsection (3); maintaining recorded plat.
Section 560.188 Section Improvements.
Section 560.190 Section Public utility easements.
Section 560.192 Section Storm water drainage requirements as condition of final plat approval.
Section 560.192a Section Operation and maintenance of retention basins; annual appropriation; creation of special assessment district; establishment of boundaries; hearing on creation of district; duties of governing body creating district; hearing on objections to cost, roll, or spreading of assessment; manner and time assessments due, collected, and returned; notice of hearing; exclusion.
Section 560.194 Section Flood plains; prohibit occupancy; alterations.
Section 560.196 Section Subdivision names; consecutive numbering of additions.
Section 560.198 Section Correction of errors; surveyor's affidavit.