MCL - 288-1939-XIIB

Act 288 of 1939
Chapter XIIB

Document Type Description
Section 712B.1 Section Chapter; short title.
Section 712B.3 Section Definitions.
Section 712B.5 Section Best interests of child; duties of courts.
Section 712B.7 Section Jurisdiction; exclusive; emergency; transfer; good cause determination; right to intervene or participate in proceeding; full faith and credit to public acts, records, and judicial proceedings.
Section 712B.9 Section Child custody proceeding; notification to parent, Indian custodian, and tribe; additional preparation days; suspension of proceedings; prejudice by lack of notice; determination as to which tribe child is member; circumstances leading to belief child is an Indian; determining, documenting, and contacting extended family; determination or testimony by authorized person; documentation of efforts.
Section 712B.11 Section Examination of reports or documents by parties.
Section 712B.13 Section Guardianship; adoptive placement; termination of parental rights; consent.
Section 712B.15 Section Failure of parent to provide consent; requirements; removal of child from parent or Indian custodian; clear and convincing evidence; termination of parental rights; remedial services and rehabilitative programs; determination that continued custody likely to result in serious emotional or physical damage.
Section 712B.17 Section Qualified expert witness.
Section 712B.19 Section Improper removal of child from custody.
Section 712B.21 Section Appointment of counsel.
Section 712B.23 Section Placement; least restrictive setting; order of preference; documentation.
Section 712B.25 Section Involuntary guardianship; investigation; report; notice of pending proceeding; consent; withdrawal; termination of voluntary guardianship; potential applicability of Indian child welfare act.
Section 712B.27 Section Voluntary placement consent; visitation; notice of pending proceeding; providing certain information to Indian individual reaching age of 18; withdrawal of consent by parent; petition for return of custody.
Section 712B.29 Section Child taken into custody under section 14 of chapter XIIA; termination of subsequent placement; condition; initiation of child custody proceeding; duties of court.
Section 712B.31 Section Agreements.
Section 712B.33 Section Department review of cases; monitoring; standards and procedures.
Section 712B.35 Section Providing secretary and tribal enrollment officer with copy of court decree or order; other information.
Section 712B.37 Section Census.
Section 712B.39 Section Invalidation of actions; petition.
Section 712B.41 Section Severability.