MCL - 284-1972-1

Act 284 of 1972
Chapter 1
Document Type Description
Section 450.1101 Section Short title.
Section 450.1103 Section Liberal construction; purposes and policies of act.
Section 450.1104 Section Definitions controlling interpretation of act.
Section 450.1105 Section Definitions; A, B.
Section 450.1106 Section Definitions; C to E.
Section 450.1107 Section Definitions; F to I.
Section 450.1108 Section Definitions; N to P.
Section 450.1109 Section Definitions; S.
Section 450.1110 Section Repealed. 1989, Act 121, Eff. Oct. 1, 1989.
Section 450.1121 Section Applicability of act to domestic and foreign corporations.
Section 450.1122 Section References to repealed acts; statutes inapplicable to corporations defined in MCL 450.1106; uniform voidable transactions act inapplicable to distributions.
Section 450.1123 Section Applicability of act generally.
Section 450.1125 Section Applicability to foreign commerce, interstate commerce, and federal corporations.
Section 450.1127 Section Applicability to existing corporations; saving clause.
Section 450.1129 Section Amendment or repeal of act.
Section 450.1131 Section Submission of document; delivery; filing; return of copy or original; public inspection; maintaining records or files; copies of documents and destroying originals; certified reproduced copy of document as evidence; effective date of document; fees.
Section 450.1132 Section Filed documents; language, form, execution, and contents.
Section 450.1133 Section Correction of document relating to domestic or foreign corporation; signing and filing of certificate of correction; contents of certificate; effective date of corrected document.
Section 450.1141 Section Corporate action without notice or lapse of prescribed time period.
Section 450.1142 Section Notice or communication where communication unlawful or where notice or communication not required; statement.
Section 450.1143 Section Mailing notice or communication; delivery; electronic transmission; "address" defined; notice to corporation's resident agent.
Section 450.1151 Section Failure to file document; notice; refusing or revoking authorization of foreign corporation to transact business; judicial review.