MCL - Section 257.1313a

Act 300 of 1974

257.1313a Training to mechanics or mechanic trainees; approval of school, academy, or similar establishment; contract.

Sec. 13a.

    (1) The administrator shall evaluate and may approve a school, academy, or other similar establishment that intends to provide training to mechanics or mechanic trainees under this act.
    (2) All of the following apply to the approval of a school, academy, or similar establishment by the administrator under subsection (1):
    (a) An establishment seeking approval shall submit an application for approval to the administrator. The administrator shall determine the form and content of the application. The application shall include supporting materials required by the administrator.
    (b) The administrator shall review an application and supporting materials submitted under subdivision (a) and shall approve, deny approval of, or withdraw approval from the training program offered to mechanics and mechanic trainees by the establishment.
    (c) In evaluating an establishment for approval, the administrator shall consider all of the following factors:
    (i) Accreditation or lack of accreditation by a recognized accreditation agency.
    (ii) Quantity and quality of classroom training provided.
    (iii) Course objectives.
    (iv) Number, quality, and age of tools, equipment, and materials made available to students.
    (v) Percentage of class time spent in hands-on training.
    (vi) Qualifications of instructors and other staff.
    (vii) Quality, quantity, and accessibility of records maintained by the establishment.
    (viii) Class size and location.
    (ix) Quality of testing administered.
    (x) Other related factors the administrator considers relevant.
    (3) The administrator may contract with approved educational institutions to provide training or testing required under this act.

History: Add. 2016, Act 430, Eff. Apr. 4, 2017