MCL - Section 257.1304

Act 300 of 1974

257.1304 Act inapplicable to certain persons.

Sec. 4.

     Unless the act or practice of repairing, servicing, reconditioning, or engaging in the activity of a master or specialty mechanic is adopted for the purposes of evading this act, this act shall not apply to a person who:
    (a) Repairs, replaces, reconditions, adjusts, analyzes, diagnoses, or alters the operating condition of his or her own or a family member's motor vehicle and for which there is evidence of ownership of that motor vehicle.
    (b) Is a master or specialty mechanic, a motor vehicle mechanic, a mechanic trainee, or technician who is in the full-time employ of an automotive manufacturer and is engaged solely in that capacity on motor vehicles owned by or being produced by the manufacturer.
    (c) Engages solely in the business of repairing the motor vehicles for compensation of a single commercial, industrial, or governmental establishment, or 2 or more establishments related by common ownership or corporate affiliation.
    (d) Engages solely in the business of repairing, replacing, reconditioning, adjusting, analyzing, diagnosing, or altering the operating condition of a motor vehicle or trailer not required to be registered and not titled under Act No. 300 of the Public Acts of 1949, as amended, being sections 257.1 to 257.923 of the Michigan Compiled Laws. The state treasurer shall reimburse a person exempted under this subdivision money paid by the person as a registration fee or renewal registration fee under section 30.

History: 1974, Act 300, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975 ;-- Am. 1976, Act 12, Imd. Eff. Feb. 20, 1976 ;-- Am. 1980, Act 151, Imd. Eff. June 10, 1980