MCL - 236-1961-84

Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 84
Document Type Description
Section 600.8401 Section Small claims division; creation; judge; jurisdiction.
Section 600.8401a Section Instruction sheets.
Section 600.8402 Section Commencement of action; filing, form, and contents of affidavit; notice; name of plaintiff; removal; waiver.
Section 600.8403 Section Affidavit forms; availability; preparation.
Section 600.8404 Section Service of affidavit and notice on defendant; form and contents of notice; evening and Saturday court hours.
Section 600.8405 Section Service; manner; proof.
Section 600.8406 Section Appearances; copy of affidavit and notice of hearing; application for new notice; jurisdiction to render judgment; continuance.
Section 600.8407 Section Filing of claim in small claims division; restrictions.
Section 600.8408 Section Parties; representation; request for trial before district court judge; removal; waiver.
Section 600.8409 Section Attachment or garnishment prohibited; execution; judgment, enforcement; instruction sheets.
Section 600.8410 Section Settlement; payment of judgment; execution, attachment, or garnishment; warning; examination of assets; payment of judgment in full; copy of judgment.
Section 600.8410a Section Writ of garnishment as to periodic payments issued by small claims division of district court; duration.
Section 600.8411 Section Removal; waiver; hearings; manner of conducting; no jury or verbatim record.
Section 600.8412 Section Waiver of rights.
Section 600.8413 Section Judgments; conclusiveness; form.
Section 600.8415 Section Venue of actions.
Section 600.8416 Section Location of small claims division; filing of claims after regular court hours; scheduling of small claims hearings; hearings after regular court hours.
Section 600.8418 Section Judgments; certification.
Section 600.8419 Section Forms and stationery.
Section 600.8420 Section Fees; disposition.
Section 600.8421 Section Costs to prevailing party.
Section 600.8422 Section Counterclaim; continuance.
Section 600.8423 Section Separate action by defendant; transmittal fee; transfer of cause.
Section 600.8424 Section Actions for fraud, libel, slander, assault, battery, or other intentional torts; governmental agency as party.
Section 600.8425 Section Limitation on claim or recovery; amendment increasing amount claimed.
Section 600.8426 Section Name in which defendant sued; validity of judgment.
Section 600.8427 Section Conduct of small claims hearing by district court judge or magistrate; appeal.