MCL - 236-1961-58

Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 58
Document Type Description
Section 600.5801 Section Limitation on actions; time periods; defendant claiming title under deed, court-ordered sale, tax deed, or will; other cases.
Section 600.5803 Section Foreclosure of mortgages.
Section 600.5805 Section Injuries to persons or property; period of limitations; "adjudication," "criminal sexual conduct," and "dating relationship" defined.
Section 600.5807 Section Damages for breach of contract; specific performance; period of limitations; bond; deed; mortgage; surety bond; appeal bond; public obligations; other actions.
Section 600.5809 Section Action to enforce noncontractual money obligations; limitations.
Section 600.5811 Section Common carriers; charges and overcharges; definitions.
Section 600.5813 Section Other personal actions.
Section 600.5815 Section Scope of limitations; legal and equitable; laches.
Section 600.5821 Section Recovery of land or public ground; period of limitations; personal actions; maintenance, care, and treatment of persons in state institutions.
Section 600.5823 Section Counterclaims.
Section 600.5825 Section Effect of limits running in favor of some joint obligors but not all.
Section 600.5827 Section Accrual of claim.
Section 600.5829 Section Accrual of claim; right of entry or recovery of possession of land.
Section 600.5831 Section Accrual of claim; mutual and open account current.
Section 600.5833 Section Accrual of claim; breach of warranty of quality or fitness.
Section 600.5834 Section Accrual of claim; common carriers; charges; overcharges.
Section 600.5835 Section Accrual of claim; life insurance; presumption of death.
Section 600.5836 Section Accrual of claim; installment contracts.
Section 600.5837 Section Accrual of claim; alimony.
Section 600.5838 Section Claim based on malpractice; accrual; commencement of action; burden of proof; limitations.
Section 600.5838a Section Claim based on medical malpractice; accrual; definitions; commencement of action; burden of proof; applicability of subsection (2); limitations.
Section 600.5838b Section Action for legal malpractice; commencement; limitation; definitions.
Section 600.5839 Section Period of limitations on actions against licensed architect, professional engineer, contractor, or licensed professional surveyor; definitions; applicability.
Section 600.5841 Section Accrual of claim; to person other than person bringing action.
Section 600.5843 Section Accrual of claim; regaining possession of land; subsequent loss; effect.
Section 600.5851 Section Disabilities of infancy or insanity; tacking of successive disabilities prohibited; year of grace; removing disability of infancy; claim alleging medical malpractice accruing to person 8 years old or less or 13 years old or less; disability of imprisonment; “release from imprisonment” defined.
Section 600.5851a Section Court action by minor victim of female genital mutilation; recovery of damages; limitation; "female genital mutilation" defined.
Section 600.5851b Section Court action by minor victim of criminal sexual conduct; exception to period of limitations; right to bring action under MCL 600.5851; "adjudication" and "criminal sexual conduct" defined.
Section 600.5852 Section Death before period of limitations has run or within 30 days thereafter; commencement of action; death or legal incapacitation of personal representative; limitation on commencement of action.
Section 600.5853 Section Absence from state.
Section 600.5854 Section War; inability to prosecute; period of limitation.
Section 600.5855 Section Fraudulent concealment of claim or identity of person liable; discovery.
Section 600.5856 Section Tolling of statute of limitations or repose.
Section 600.5861 Section Cause of action accruing without state; limitation on commencement of action.
Section 600.5865 Section Endorsement or memorandum of payment; evidence.
Section 600.5866 Section Revival of barred claim; written acknowledgment of obligor.
Section 600.5867 Section Presumption as to possession of land; exception.
Section 600.5868 Section Entry and possession.
Section 600.5869 Section Rights governed by law under which right accrued.