MCL - 236-1961-50B.

Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 50B.
Document Type Description
Section 600.5070 Section Scope of chapter.
Section 600.5071 Section Stipulation to binding arbitration; agreement.
Section 600.5072 Section Court order to participate in arbitration; conditions; domestic violence exclusion; waiver; child abuse or neglect exclusion.
Section 600.5073 Section Arbitrator; appointment; qualifications; immunity; list of qualified arbitrators.
Section 600.5074 Section Arbitrator; powers and duties; sworn statement listing party's place of employment, sources of income, and assets and liabilities; release.
Section 600.5075 Section Disqualification of arbitrator.
Section 600.5076 Section Meeting with arbitrator; order to produce material information.
Section 600.5077 Section Record of arbitration hearing.
Section 600.5078 Section Award; error or omissions.
Section 600.5079 Section Enforcement of arbitration award or order; filing judgment, order, or motion to settle judgment with circuit court; sanctions.
Section 600.5080 Section Vacation or modification of award concerning child support, custody, or parenting time; standards and procedures regarding review of arbitration awards.
Section 600.5081 Section Vacation or modification of arbitration award; application; grounds; rehearing; other standards and procedures relating to review of arbitration awards.
Section 600.5082 Section Appeal.