MCL - 236-1961-43

Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 43
Document Type Description
Section 600.4301 Section Habeas corpus; provisions of chapter; applicability.
Section 600.4304 Section Habeas corpus; power to issue writ.
Section 600.4307 Section Habeas corpus; right to bring action.
Section 600.4310 Section Habeas corpus; persons not entitled to writ.
Section 600.4313 Section Habeas corpus; refusal to consider; malfeasance of judge.
Section 600.4316 Section Habeas corpus; granting of writ.
Section 600.4319 Section Habeas corpus; custody of child.
Section 600.4322 Section Habeas corpus; “prisoner” defined.
Section 600.4325 Section Habeas corpus; person served; duty to bring body of prisoner.
Section 600.4328 Section Habeas corpus; sickness or infirmity of prisoner.
Section 600.4331 Section Habeas corpus; refusal or neglect to obey; arrest; close custody; proceeding against sheriff; prisoner to be brought before court; power of county.
Section 600.4334 Section Arrest in support of writ.
Section 600.4337 Section Warrant for prisoner in lieu of habeas corpus; issuance.
Section 600.4340 Section Arrest of person having custody of prisoner; warrant.
Section 600.4343 Section Arrest of person having custody of prisoner; execution of warrant.
Section 600.4346 Section Arrest of person having custody of prisoner; procedure.
Section 600.4349 Section Custody of prisoner.
Section 600.4352 Section Discharge of prisoner; enforcement of order; obedience by sheriff or other custodian.
Section 600.4355 Section Remanding of prisoner.
Section 600.4358 Section Discharge of prisoner in civil cases.
Section 600.4361 Section Remanding or commitment of prisoner.
Section 600.4364 Section Recommitment of prisoner; causes.
Section 600.4367 Section Recommitment of prisoner; violation of section; penalty.
Section 600.4370 Section Concealment of prisoner; misdemeanor.
Section 600.4373 Section Concealment of prisoner; aiding; misdemeanor.
Section 600.4376 Section Concealment of prisoner; misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 600.4379 Section Refusal to deliver copy of authority for detention of prisoner; time; civil liability.
Section 600.4385 Section Habeas corpus for witness; issuance; transfer of prisoner.
Section 600.4387 Section Habeas corpus; liability of officer for disobedience to writ.