MCL - 236-1961-38

Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 38
Document Type Description
Section 600.3801 Section Nuisance; injunction; abatement; guilt; "controlled substance" defined.
Section 600.3805 Section Action to abate; parties.
Section 600.3810 Section Owner; definition; authority of court; closing of premises; vehicle, boat, or aircraft; party defendant; service of summons and complaint; opportunity to be heard.
Section 600.3815 Section Admissible evidence; unnecessary proof; judgment and order; abatement of nuisance by forfeiture or sale.
Section 600.3820 Section Contempt; punishment; procedure; bail.
Section 600.3825 Section Order of abatement; execution of court order; duties of officer; use of building or place ordered closed; contempt; determination of amount due victim.
Section 600.3830 Section Removal and sale of property; fees; closing of building; loss of property exemptions; liability of officers.
Section 600.3835 Section Proceeds from sale of personal property; application.
Section 600.3840 Section Delivery of premises to owner; conditions; bond; abatement; liability of sureties; appeal; stay of order of abatement.
Section 600.3841 Section Report by agency of seizure and forfeiture activities under chapter; audit; "reporting agency" defined.