MCL - 236-1961-3

Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 3
Document Type Description
Section 600.301 Section Court of appeals as court of record; number of judges.
Section 600.302 Section Judicial districts for election of judges of court of appeals.
Section 600.302a Section Judicial district; county lines; preparation of map by secretary of state.
Section 600.303 Section Judges; terms; oath of office.
Section 600.303a Section Transition to 6 judges in each district.
Section 600.303b Section Nomination, election, and terms of candidates for new judgeships.
Section 600.303c Section Election of candidates for new judgeships; terms.
Section 600.303d Section Transition from 3 judicial districts to 4 judicial districts; provisions; offices.
Section 600.304 Section Court of appeals judge; annual salary; expenses; insurance programs.
Section 600.305 Section Administration of court; rules of practice.
Section 600.306 Section Temporary judges.
Section 600.307 Section Judges; practice of law prohibited.
Section 600.308 Section Jurisdiction of court of appeals on appeals from final judgments and final orders.
Section 600.308a Section Action under Const. 1963, Art. 9, ยง 32; commencement; jurisdiction; limitations; governmental unit as defendant; officer as party; continuation of action against governmental unit and officer's successor; referral of action; findings of fact; costs.
Section 600.309 Section Appeals as of right; appeals by leave of court.
Section 600.309a Section Relief from certain circuit court judgments based on jury verdict; appeal; applicability.
Section 600.310 Section Original jurisdiction; writs, directives and mandates.
Section 600.311 Section Panels; quorum; rotation; assignment of judges and cases.
Section 600.312 Section Sessions of court; office space.
Section 600.313 Section Decisions to be in writing; delivery and printing of opinions; effect of equally divided court.
Section 600.314 Section Finality of decisions; superintending control of supreme court.
Section 600.315 Section Process; style, execution, seal.
Section 600.316 Section Process issued by court of appeals; service; court order prohibiting disclosure of party's address or contacting another party; service on protected party.
Section 600.317 Section Chief clerk; deputy clerks; personnel; duties; qualifications; bond; court officers.
Section 600.318 Section Research law clerk; employment; qualifications.
Section 600.319 Section Secretarial personnel; employment.
Section 600.320 Section Salaries and expenses; payment.
Section 600.321 Section Fees to court of appeals; charge per page; waiver; deposit; costs; use.