MCL - 236-1961-18

Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 18
Document Type Description
Section 600.1801 Section Process; service and return; service on sheriff or deputies.
Section 600.1805 Section Process; expiration or vacancy in office of sheriff; effect.
Section 600.1809 Section Process; amendment of return.
Section 600.1811 Section Process; appointment of substitute server.
Section 600.1815 Section Capias ad respondendum; abolishment.
Section 600.1821 Section Arrest; exemptions.
Section 600.1825 Section Arrest; privileged persons.
Section 600.1831 Section Civil process; exemptions.
Section 600.1835 Section Civil process; privileged persons.
Section 600.1841 Section Civil process; service on Great Lakes or border waters.
Section 600.1845 Section Confinement in jail; liability for release, penalty.
Section 600.1851 Section Repealed. 1967, Act 178, Eff. Nov. 2, 1967.
Section 600.1852 Section Service of process outside this state; order.
Section 600.1855 Section Service of process; public bodies, duties of officers.
Section 600.1861 Section Service of process; by service on public officer, copy to nongovernmental defendant.
Section 600.1865 Section Chapter and Mich. Const., Art. IV, ยง 11, inapplicable to issuance of service of citation pursuant to MCL 257.742.