MCL - 236-1961-13

Act 236 of 1961
Chapter 13
Document Type Description
Section 600.1300 Section Definitions.
Section 600.1301 Section Jury board; appointment; qualifications; terms; existing boards; vacancies.
Section 600.1301a Section Courts in which selection of juries governed by chapter; exceptions.
Section 600.1301b Section Modified system of jury selection; development of plan; goals; review, approval, adoption, and implementation of plan; exceptions.
Section 600.1302 Section Jury board; election of president and secretary; salary of members; quorum.
Section 600.1303 Section Jury board; authorization and salaries of assistants.
Section 600.1303a Section Jury board; oath; filing.
Section 600.1304 Section Selection of jurors; list.
Section 600.1304a Section Use of electronic and mechanical devices by jury; other method.
Section 600.1305 Section Jury board; meetings; records; use as evidence.
Section 600.1306, 600.1307 Section Repealed. 1978, Act 11, Eff. Feb. 8, 1981.
Section 600.1307a Section Qualifications of juror; exemptions; effect of payment for jury service; definitions.
Section 600.1308 Section Jurors; estimate of number needed.
Section 600.1309 Section Jurors; list of those who have served.
Section 600.1310 Section Voter registration lists and combined driver's license and personal identification cardholder list; procurement; alternatives; costs.
Section 600.1311 Section Determination of key number.
Section 600.1312 Section Key number; first jury list; compilation.
Section 600.1313 Section Juror qualifications questionnaire; contents; completion; mailing; removal of deceased person from list.
Section 600.1314 Section Excusal of exempt persons; investigations.
Section 600.1315 Section Juror qualifications questionnaires; retention; confidentiality.
Section 600.1316 Section Jurors; appearance before board; notice; evening sessions.
Section 600.1317 Section Jurors; personal attendance excused.
Section 600.1318 Section Jurors; oaths, administration.
Section 600.1319 Section Record of persons examined.
Section 600.1320 Section Preliminary screening of prospective jurors; excused persons; removal of deceased person's name from list; hardship.
Section 600.1321 Section Second jury list; sealing; jurisdiction of district court district.
Section 600.1322 Section Juror names; depositing; withdrawal; record.
Section 600.1323 Section Names not used; sealing.
Section 600.1324 Section Jurors; selection; information; contents; district court district.
Section 600.1325 Section Repealed. 1969, Act 326, Eff. Sept. 1, 1969.
Section 600.1326 Section Grand jurors; selection; term.
Section 600.1327 Section Jurors; selection; time; notice; witnesses.
Section 600.1328 Section Jurors; selection; procedure.
Section 600.1329 Section Selection of jurors; legality; challenges; grounds.
Section 600.1330 Section Board box; closing, custody.
Section 600.1331 Section Lists of jurors; delivery to clerk.
Section 600.1332 Section Jurors; summons for service; method; record; evidence.
Section 600.1333 Section Jurors; excuse or postponement of services; application.
Section 600.1334 Section Jurors; temporary excuse; duty to report.
Section 600.1335 Section Grounds for excusing person from jury service; postponing jury service of student.
Section 600.1336 Section Jurors; excess; discharge; effect.
Section 600.1337 Section Jurors; unqualified or exempt; discharge.
Section 600.1338 Section Jurors; excused; removal of name from list.
Section 600.1339 Section Jurors; service postponed; disposition.
Section 600.1340 Section Report of court clerk.
Section 600.1341 Section Additional jurors; procedure.
Section 600.1342 Section Jurors; new list; court order.
Section 600.1343 Section Jurors; term of service.
Section 600.1344 Section Juror; mileage and compensation; payment of jury fee where action removed from circuit court to lower court; fraudulent issuance of certificate of attendance as misdemeanor; penalty; "sufficient funds" defined.
Section 600.1345 Section Attempts to influence board; report.
Section 600.1346 Section Acts punishable as contempts.
Section 600.1347 Section Jurors; bribery; penalty; embracery; civil liability.
Section 600.1348 Section Jurors; threats, discharge, or discipline by employer; requiring additional hours of work; misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 600.1349 Section Jurors; nonliability for verdict; exception.
Section 600.1350 Section Selection and impaneling of juries for condemnation and grade separation cases.
Section 600.1351 Section Repealed. 1970, Act 118, Imd. Eff. July 23, 1970.
Section 600.1352 Section Trial by jury of 6 in civil cases; verdict.
Section 600.1353 Section Court rules.
Section 600.1354 Section Noncompliance with chapter as grounds for requesting continuance or claiming invalidity of verdict; data processing error as grounds for questioning list selected.
Section 600.1355 Section Practices governed by supreme court rules.
Section 600.1371 Section “One day, one trial system” defined.
Section 600.1372 Section Applicability of MCL 600.1371 to 600.1376; adoption of 1 day, 1 trial jury system.
Section 600.1374 Section Repealed. 2004, Act 12, Eff. June 1, 2004.
Section 600.1375 Section Combined driver's license and personal identification cardholder list; first jury list; costs.
Section 600.1376 Section Plan for selection of persons for jury service with aid of mechanical or electronic means; adoption; requirements.