MCL - 23-1993-2

Act 23 of 1993
Article 2

Document Type Description
Section 450.4201 Section Limited liability company; purpose.
Section 450.4202 Section Limited liability company; formation; filing as evidence that all conditions performed; exception; duration.
Section 450.4203 Section Articles of organization; contents.
Section 450.4204 Section Limited liability company; low-profit limited liability company; name; requirements; rights.
Section 450.4204a Section Limited liability company licensed as nursing home; use of terms.
Section 450.4205 Section Reserving right to use of name; application; transfer of right.
Section 450.4206 Section Transacting business under assumed name; certificate; effective period; extension; notice of expiration; rights not created; same name assumed in partnership or joint venture; transfer of assumed name to survivor; use of name by surviving company; assumed name of converted company; certificate of conversion.
Section 450.4207 Section Maintaining registered office and resident agent; service of process, notice, or demand; appointment of agent; annual statement; service of process by mail.
Section 450.4207a Section Certificate of good standing.
Section 450.4208 Section Resident agent; resignation; notice; appointment of successor; termination of appointment.
Section 450.4209 Section Changing registered office or resident agent; statement; filing; contents; changing business or residence address of resident agent.
Section 450.4210 Section Limited liability company; powers.
Section 450.4211 Section Validity of action or transfer of property; asserting lack of capacity or power.
Section 450.4212 Section Interest rate; agreement.
Section 450.4213 Section Registered office or principal place of business; documents required to be kept.
Section 450.4214 Section Conflict between articles of organization and operating agreement.
Section 450.4215 Section Operating agreement unenforceable.
Section 450.4216 Section Limited liability company; powers.