MCL - Section 211.78s

Act 206 of 1893

211.78s Applicability of MCL 211.78a to 211.78r; notice in separate insert; definitions.

Sec. 78s.

    (1) For insertion of a notice in a notice publication under sections 78a to 78r, this section and sections 78a to 78r apply, notwithstanding any other law to the contrary.
    (2) A requirement for insertion of a notice publication under sections 78a to 78r is satisfied by including the notice in a separate insert within the notice publication. A foreclosing governmental unit may exercise its discretion in selecting the notice publication in which the notice shall be inserted based on the notice publication's cost and circulation.
    (3) As used in this section and sections 78a to 78r:
    (a) "Internet" means that term as defined in 47 USC 230.
    (b) "Notice publication" includes a newspaper, as that term is defined under section 1 of 1963 PA 247, MCL 691.1051, a legal newspaper, or other print publication for the dissemination of news, editorial content, and other information of a public character or nature, including, but not limited to, a print publication to which all of the following apply:
    (i) The print publication is published and distributed in not less than weekly intervals.
    (ii) Not less than 50% of the words in the print publication are in the English language.
    (iii) The print publication has a bona fide list of subscribers in 1 or more counties in this state or is available to the public at newsstands or other retail locations in 1 or more counties in this state, or both.
    (iv) The print publication accepts and publishes official and other notices.
    (v) The print publication annually averages not less than 25% news and editorial content per issue. As used in this subparagraph, "news and editorial content" means any printed matter other than advertising.
    (vi) The print publication has been published or distributed for not less than 1 year.
    (c) "Website" means a collection of pages of the Internet, usually in HTML format, with clickable or hypertext links to enable navigation from 1 page or section to another, that often uses associated graphics files to provide illustration and may contain other clickable or hypertext links.

History: Add. 2015, Act 190, Eff. Feb. 14, 2016
Popular Name: Act 206