MCL - 174-1962-5

Act 174 of 1962
Article 5
Document Type Description
Section 440.5101 Section Uniform commercial code—letters of credit; short title of article.
Section 440.5102 Section Definitions.
Section 440.5103 Section Letters of credit; scope of article.
Section 440.5104 Section Issuance; authentication.
Section 440.5105 Section Consideration.
Section 440.5106 Section Credit; issuance; enforcement; revocation; expiration.
Section 440.5107 Section Confirmation; rights and obligations; request to advise; notice to transferee beneficiary.
Section 440.5108 Section Honoring or dishonoring presentation.
Section 440.5109 Section Forged or fraudulent document; injunction; findings of court.
Section 440.5110 Section Warranties on presentment or transfer.
Section 440.5111 Section Wrongful dishonor, repudiation, or breach; rights of claimant or applicant; liability of issuer, nominated person, or adviser; attorney fees; liquidated damages.
Section 440.5112 Section Right to draw or demand performance under letter of credit; transfer.
Section 440.5113 Section Rights of successor beneficiary.
Section 440.5114 Section Proceeds of letter of credit.
Section 440.5115 Section Commencement of action.
Section 440.5116 Section Jurisdiction; forum.
Section 440.5117 Section Rights of subrogation.
Section 440.5118 Section Document presented under letter of credit; security interest of issuer or nominated person.